MITER SERIES '19 – '21  We all carry polarizing emotions of deep grief and rapture. With this series, I deconstruct my personal moments of divergent emotions, to either repair or relive these dichotomous experiences, with the hope that you too, can recall yours. A “MITER” is a union formed between two edges that meet at an intersection. This notion resonates for me literally and figuratively as I look back at my life’s progression.


To execute, I rely on assemblages of lattice work and collect those impressions of repetitive geometric beauty underfoot. Eventually they take on organic form as I constantly reduce and redefine ordinary markers of existence, provoking one to rediscover the unnoticed splendor of what is unobserved.


The series merges my competency in graphics and fine artist using processes of photography, cyanotype, digital manipulation, painting and collage.