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As an 8 year old, I noticed other children following my interpretation of an imposed instruction and felt that empowerment. Years later, my mother told me “When the television breaks, I’m not going to fix it.” These two pivotal events transformed my relationship with art. My travels have also had a strong influence in furthering my artistic life. Alaska showed me striations in glaciers, Halong Bay with mountain bedrock, Petra and Antelope Valley provided texture and motion and Thailand presented me with color. I started noticing a repetitive, visual thread with regard to certain images in nature.

Two artists have greatly influenced me with their broad concepts. Firstly, Peter H. Reynolds who wrote, The Dot, the story of a young girl, frustrated with her inability to initiate creativity. Secondly, Leonardo Da Vinci’s quote “Creativity thrives from constraints and dies from freedom”, which inspires a narrow yet sufficient focus to explore further. Having appropriated these two philosophies and having more free time, I had my studio built and began to paint.

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