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DIATOM SERIES '17 – '19  While having my studio built, my then 13 year daughter was studying life sciences under a microscope. Together, we feverishly began to research cells. During this process I hit upon the diatom, a one-celled organism found only in water. Focusing on the simplest of forms, the circle and the cell, they became the impetus to explore the medium which allowed me just enough constraints to discover the freedom. My intention for this diatom series is to create a sense of slow fluidity and geographical shifting with a feeling of composed quietude.


I am not opposed to viewers gazing at each piece in different rotations, keeping all this in mind while creating, so it can be viewed in the direction which resonates most personally. I enjoy the dichotomy of relinquishing control in watercolors and then gaining it back by adding pastels at the end of the process in order to soften up unwanted harder lines or saturated areas. These philosophies of giving up and acquiring control are a constant source of life challenge.

Vocals: Hannah Raine Levy, Guitar: Tiana Ohara

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